Fuck Friend Dating (Advice For Guys)

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So you’re thinking about broadcasting your fuck friend on social media?

Social media is an integral part of our daily lives. We depend on social media to communicate with one another through messages, photos, and witty little catchphrases.

Whether it be Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter—we have come to depend on these social media sites to talk about the most personal aspects of our lives, even our adult dating arrangements.

Adult Dating And Social Media

Social media has reached such a level of popularity, indeed, that it may come to negatively affect the adult dating relationship you have with your fuck friend.

While social media is a great tool through which to discuss your life, you want to avoid using social media to discuss your fuck friend.

The following 8 reasons, will tell you why:

1 – Your Relationship Should Remain Between You and Your Fuck Friend

Information on social media is information that is highly visible and highly shared: everyone can view it and can share it with their friends.

Soon enough, this information has reached people you have never even laid eyes on.

A no strings dating relationship ought to remain between two people: you and your fuck friend. Especially if you have a London fuck buddy, a big city can seem like a small town when it comes to dating and sex!

If you want to keep her, and the NSA sex relationship, keep it far away from social media.

2 – Social Media is Public Media, So Keep Casual Sex On The Down Low

Social media is diametrically opposed to private types of communication. Perhaps you have certain privacy settings on your social media accounts.

Albeit, nothing is guaranteed to be remain private on the Internet. Keep this in mind at all times and keep your casual sex arrangements between you and your friend with benefits.

3 – Broadcasting Your Hookup May Upset Her

Keep in mind that your hookup relationship involves two individuals.

While you may wish to share information, perhaps she does not want others to know that she is involved in such a casual sexual relationship. Be respectful of this.

4 – Mum and Granny Might Find Out About Your Casual Encounters

Do your mum, or granny regularly ‘like’ your photos and status updates on Facebook?

Well, talking about your fuck friend relationship and your recent casual encounters on the Internet opens it up to commentary and criticism by both of these people—and others.

5 – Your ‘Friends’ Don’t Care About All the Sex You Are Having

You need to keep in mind that often the community you have built, on social media, will not care at all about your sex life.

Therefore, there is no good reason for you to post about things of a sexual nature.

Getting a scholarship or planning an exciting holiday are topics of interest to you ‘friends.’

However, these people really could care less about the person with whom you are casually having sex.

6 – Fuck Friends Can Be Viewed Critically

While we live in a progressive time and space, certain people view having a fuck friend as unethical or wrong.

While many are accepting of the idea, at its core, having a fuck buddy can negatively affect certain aspects of your life down the line.

Depending on your profession, or theirs, speaking about your fuck friend relationship could hurt your professional life.

Do you work with children? Do they? Consider these things before tweeting or posting.

7 – Casual Dating Can Hurt Your Chances of Having a Serious Relationship

Having a casual dating relationship is what you want right now, is it not? However, you may one day want to settle down and get serious with a special person.

And, chances are that your fuck friend will as well. You may find that people might be tentative about dating someone who has been so sexually liberal in the past.

8 – Your Fuck Friend May Be in a Committed Relationship

Lastly, you may discover that your fuck friend is actually already embroiled in a long term, committed relationship.

Perhaps they even live with this person and cares about them deeply.

Because they are not bound to be terribly close with you, on an emotional level, chances are that they are just seeking extra sex.

Therefore it is quite plausible that they already have a serious relationship, and is simply looking for some extra sex.

Speaking about them as your fuck friend, on social media, could be terribly harmful.